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We are long-time educators and we are on a mission to help all schools, all students, and all educators be the very best they can be. We have been teachers, literacy coaches, consultants, curriculum directors, principals, executive directors, and assistant superintendents. We are returning to our roots. We are going back to where the magic happens, but this time, we did it our way. We founded a school, Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment, so that we can create a learning space that optimizes learning for kids. We Teach. We are Administrators. We are Experts in our field. And we want to share our knowledge and the best practices we are implementing with all of you. Come along on our journey as we educate without limits. As we apply the best practices and engage in rich discussions with other experts in our field. We will bring you the most up-to-date, real-life learning while doing the work ourselves. We can‘t wait to take this journey with you!

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Thursday Dec 09, 2021

In episode 4, Susan and Jill talk about the final three components of the Whole Child Approach, and how these are implemented at Columbia Academy for Learning and Enrichment (CALE).  Ensuring students are engaged, supported, and challenged is imperative for student success.  All educators are shouting YES to this!  We will share with you how we have been intentional to include these components in our school.  

Thursday Nov 25, 2021

In this episode, we talk about how we ensure healthy kids at CALE.  We will share how we intentionally create time for health and well being for our kids.  Do you ever find yourself saying, "I wish we could do this at our school...I wish we could do that at our school..."  so did we. And that's why we took the plunge and said-it's time to truly build a school that is meant for kids.  If you are an educator who sees a better way like we did, join us on this journey! 

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

Our second episode launches us into talking about the approach we have taken as we have built our school. We are a whole child approach and we will talk more about this for a series of episodes as we  discuss each cornerstone of what this approach means for us and our students. Today, we start with safety-both physically and psychologically.  Learn how we have built an amazing culture through our intentional social-emotional work. 

Sunday Oct 03, 2021

In our first ever episode, we introduce you to who we are, where we have been, and where we are going.  We are educators.  We are educators who are looking for something better for kids.  We are exhausted with the many constraints put on educators and we want to create the best learning community for kids.  A place filled with joy for every adult and child that enters our space.  We want to educate without limits and that is just what we are doing. Join us on the journey!

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